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2741 PH Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

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Service Buildings

AgrowTec integrates greenhouses and service buildings, so that you not only get a customized greenhouse, you also get a service building that is ready to operate!

With the increase in scale in the horticulture industry service buildings have also increased in size. Many operational processes need to be carried out in the industrial unit. Space often needs to be made for supply systems, sorting systems, packaging machines and delivery facilities. This calls for an efficient routing of the product from the greenhouse to and through the service building. So you need a builder who can advise you on all aspects of this process, from start to finish. AgrowTec is such a builder. We combine creativity with reliability.

Even if we only build the service building, simple and without any frills, we want to bear in mind your plans for the future. For an investment has to last despite the fact that things keep changing.

With many years experience of building greenhouses and service buildings, we know what is involved in the construction of an optimally designed business unit. We use modern express building systems, so that you can start production without delay. Working with subcontractors that we use on a regular basis we produce modern buildings that also score high marks from an architectural point of view.