Greenhouse Technology

AgrowTec is the turnkey greenhouse export division of AgrowTeam and is established in The Netherlands. AgrowTec combines its wide international experience with the innovations that occur on a daily basis in the Dutch horticulture.

Heating Systems

The ideal heating installation combines efficient use of energy with even distribution of heat. From adjustable (hoisting) heating to complete heat/power installations and from a tube-rail system (with conveyance options) to floor heating. AgrowTec is able to create one integrated energy system for your project, based on optimum use of natural sources, ideal climate inside and independent electrical power supply. We do this by integrating total energy power plant, CO2 dosing system and hot water production for heating and storage.

Water Technical Systems

Computer-controlled substrate units guarantee the highest possible degree of reliability for drip irrigation, ebb and flood, sprinkling and water treatment. Closed cultivation systems, with or without water disinfection, are also part of the delivery program. AgrowTec will engineer and organize it.

Electrical Systems

The electrical installation is in fact the center of your company. Using AgrowTec as your sole supplier for all your facilities for electricity, lighting, communications and security will mean that everything can be made entirely compatible. AgrowTec will make sure that the most modern climate– and electro technical installations are available and will be used if of benefit.

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Welcome to AgrowTec

The Organization The AgrowTec organization co-operates with the other members of AgrowTeam. This co-operation offers turnkey greenhouse projects, glass as well as plastic, complete with all sys

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Greenhouses and Constructions

  AgrowTec is specialized in building turnkey greenhouse projects. We can be of service to you, whether it concerns a tomatoes, roses or young-plants greenhouse project. Furthermore, we are also

service buildings

Service Buildings

 AgrowTec integrates greenhouses and service buildings, so that you not only get a customized greenhouse, you also get a service building that is ready to operate! With the increase in scale

garden centres


 A garden-center is not a standard product, it is a specialism. Each project is different, involving a complex assembly of greenhouses, buildings and integrated systems. Knowledge of consumer beh

heating systems

Heating Systems

Heating is a crucial element in greenhouse horticulture. AgrowTec offers installations designed to maintain required climate conditions with utmost efficiency, whilst incorporating latest crop tr

electrical systems

Electrical Systems

  AgrowTec designs electrical systems for growers with vision.   In many cases when designing a new project a grower needs assistance and advice as valuable supplements to his own experti


Technical Supplies

AgroTec Technical Supplies was founded in 2005 and has since its early days focused on producing and supplying innovative, state of the art high-quality products from the best Dutch and international