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Coenecoop 95
2741 PH Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31(0)18 2611107
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Electrical Systems

AgrowTec designs electrical systems for growers with vision.
In many cases when designing a new project a grower needs assistance and advice as valuable supplements to his own expertise and capabilities. AgrowTec positions the right people in the right place. People capable of assisting and advising the investor where necessary. Working closely together with the grower they able to turn his vision into a feasible reality.
AgrowTec handles electrical systems, climate control computers, assimilation light installations etc of all types and sizes, from the installation of a wall socket up to and including the total centralized automation of the most complex horticultural projects. But we also have expert people with state-of-the-art know-how of the installation of high-voltage systems, switch panels, process control and suchlike. In short: anything connected with electricity and automated process control.